Cefa Medical devices

We constantly innovate in services and products to facilitate access to health through the main hospitals and various specialized centers in Costa Rica. We guarantee support, security and trust, according to the specific needs of our clients.

We work hand in hand with them on health requirements with the aim of fully satisfying the needs of their market: with continuous innovation, constant service, high quality and manufacturer support.

Blood Bank

We supply all blood banks in the country with bags to contain and store blood, as well as blood products.

Home health

We reach families with equipment and devices for home health monitoring.


We supply hospitals with advanced and high-tech products.

Operations Rooms

With the most advanced technology, we reach the operating rooms in open, laparoscopic and chest surgery.


Engineering and hospital support

We provide support and support to our clients so that their equipment is always in perfect condition.


¿What we do?

  • Sale under the administrative contracting model.
  • Take care of the execution of the contracts acquired.
  • Generate commercial and business alliances.
  • Promote education and good practices to the medical profession.

Other services

Team of promoters
Our promoters are at the forefront of business dynamics that seek to connect patients with the best health and wellness solutions.

Doctor’s visit
We understand the need of pharmaceutical laboratories and develop specialized teams supporting the success of the growth of brands in the market.

Market Intelligence
We access market information to identify trends and opportunities to enhance your brands.

Sanitary Registration
We have a specialized team of experts in registration processes with the Ministry of Health of Costa Rica.


¿How can help you?

Send us your message and we’ll get back to you soon.