“Growth and transformation of everything that adds life”.

Grupo Dökka is made up of Distribuidora Cefa, Distribuidaora EOS,

Farmacias La Bomba, Laboratorios Labinsa, Farmacias Fischel,

Cefa Nicaragua and Celmar. Its purpose is to create innovative

platforms that provide access to solutions comprehensive

health and well-being for all people.


We have presence in Costa Rica, Nicaragua and Panama,

soon in other countries in the Central American region.





Who we are

Innovate ceaselessly in order to create opportunities for all.

We build and develop our businesses thinking about 100 years, and based on the values ​​and principles of the Grupo Dökka


We are a team committed to the best distribution and marketing of products and services to provide health and well-being for all.


To be the benchmark for the health industry in the region, under the implementation of a comprehensive and sustainable business model.


Our values

Our values ​​are the fundamental basis of the company and guide our actions:


We face tasks and challenges with courage and passion, being protagonists of our purpose. We have the ability to be decisive and we try to make the right decisions at the right times. We work to strengthen access to comprehensive health and well-being solutions.


We are people of integrity who live diversity, encourage growth and believe in ourselves. We show ourselves in a transparent and legitimate manner and our communication is assertive.


We promote a culture of correct treatment and trust among the team, through cordiality, transparency, recognition, assertive communication and integrity.


We fulfill our commitments, are accountable for our results and behaviors, and constantly look for opportunities for improvement. We are aware of the importance of our work and that is why we do it with excellence.


We recognize our limitations and errors, accepting help and feedback from others. We are willing to seek new knowledge and experiences to learn and grow.



Our human team is specialized, proactive and aware of the importance of work, doing the right thing and responsibility with clients and society. We focus on achieving results and know how to recognize business opportunities in advance. Our contribution contributes to improving the quality of life for everyone.



Leadership Principles


Grupo Dökka culture is based on the firm conviction that its purpose is to innovate relentlessly in order to create opportunities for all: a proven method that leads to superior business performance.


We are characterized by breaking new ground, embracing change, creating businesses with strategic discipline, learning with intellectual humility, doing the right thing, working together and making an excellent business for everyone.


Dökka maintains, with great discipline, the strategic focus of its businesses. These are managed with operational excellence to achieve superior results and offer differentiated value to the client.


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